Music & Such — Wanderings

Wanderings, album cover at The Draw

Wanderings – Cover
© 2021 Darren Olsen

RELEASED 5/27/21

A blast from the past … brought forth for all to know!

From 22 to 11 years ago in composition or recording, Wanderings: Meandering on Dulcimer in Years Past weaves together mostly original songs; a few traditional ones; and even a couple keyboard rendition demos.

All newly remastered for this proper release to boot! (Get all the details here! … Coming Eventually!)

(Or) Just search for “Wanderings Darren Olsen” on your preferred streaming service!

Coming before too long … official branded merchandise via The Draw on!

Darren posing in a nearby neighborhood circa late 2002

Posing in the neighborhood, circa late 2002
© 2021 Darren Olsen

Me circa 2021

Circa 2021
© 2021 Darren Olsen

Darren posing with his dulcimer circa late 2002

Posing with my dulcimer, circa late 2002
© 2021 Darren Olsen

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