Solutions with Potential: The Draw on YouTube

The Draw now has a YouTube channel! But, it was not launched with a slew of videos, all set to go and entertain or inform. Rather, I needed to post a few walk-through videos (for the Gather Round Kwanzaa Creations Kit–what it is and how to work with it in Zazzle’s design interface), and as I did not wish to pay to upgrade this site to natively host videos, of course I turned to YouTube, the most famous video platform around!

Will The Draw on YouTube ever grow into something more? Will it ever truly take on its own purpose and identity? That … is the most interesting thing about it. I really only did create it so that I could host a few videos for this site. I had no other motives at the time; and, even now, I have no great plans to further it.

Sure, there are a few hints of what may come. For instance, I have created a playlist of other Kwanzaa videos (including music), since that goes so well with the Kwanzaa Creations Kit. And, I have already subscribed to one channel: Daily Dose of Internet. (Of course, anything I “like”, subscribe to, or otherwise feature will have relevancy to The Draw …. Daily Dose of Internet gathers trending clips for the day and gathers them into a short video, producing random and varied videos that pair nicely, I feel, with the somewhat random and varied drawings that I do.)

Otherwise though, that is, so far, it. And … that is okay. Think of amusement parks and water parks and such. You know how they often have untamed grounds for future expansion? You cannot know when those grounds will be covered with exciting new attractions–indeed if ever. Even the park owners may not know. For, after all, at the time it may very well be a better deal to buy a lot of land, rather than a little. Yet, down the road, a lot of factors will go into what gets done with that land … if anything.

Bet there exists the potential. Something really cool could eventually come of it … may eventually come of it. And so it is with The Draw on YouTube. I really do not know at this point when and if I will ever begin to develop it in its own right. But it is now there … a ground for expansion, of sorts. And … we will just have to see how–in time–it may go.

Oh, and by the way … The Draw is also on Pinterest! It has been since last year; so, it is old news by now. (I am not sure why I did not post about it at the time; perhaps in future I will.) Of course I have boards for my artwork–and my verses and greeting cards and such–plus a couple with Zazzle products (mine or others’). But, with boards like “Festive Food“; “Ideas (Gifts & More)“; “Gettin’ Crafty“; “A Draw-esque Home?“; and “If you like colors like I do …“, there is lots more there even besides!


Any thoughts you wish to share? Please do!

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